A Fantasy Capri Wedding

Last weekend, fashion darling Giovanna Battaglia wed Swedish property developer Oscar Engelbert in what was probably the biggest wedding extravaganza the island of Capri has ever seen.  I couldn’t help but follow the three day event on Instagram and imagine what it must have been like to be witness the theatrics of the weekend in such a magical setting.  Here are some of the highlights…



Feature Photo: @Nat_Mass Photo 1: @sabinegetty Photo 2: @aquazzura Photo 3: @Anna_Dello_Russo Photo 4: @boutemythierry Photo 5: @farihaansarijaved Photo 6: www.vogue.com Photo 7: www.vogue.co.uk Photo 8: @aleianzito Photo 9: www.vogue.com Photo 10: @fashiononrock Photo 11: @Nat_Mass Photo 12: www.vogue.co.uk Photo 13:

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