A Perfect Pool House

Elle Decor recently did a feature on Martin von Haselberg’s Millbrook, New York pool house.  At first glance, it appeared to be a beautiful bucolic scene, with the sweet white chapel next to a serene pool and expansive green lawn.  But looking through the rest of the images, I was blown away by what was actually on the inside.

Von Haselberg collaborated with Los Angeles creative consultant and color specialist Nancy Kintisch to create a space that “looked one way on the outside but was totally, radically not that on the inside.”  The space mixes pastels and sweetened brights, that are put in check by the soaring 35 foot tall white ceilings and walls.  It’s the use of color that is absolutely stunning – the hues chosen, their unexpected placement and how they work together so beautifully.  Pastels have never felt more modern.  However, the space is also incredibly practical.  It offers everything you’ve ever wanted in a pool-side sanctuary, especially the raised sitting area.  It’s the perfect way to spend summer by the pool.




All photos via Elledecor.com



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