About Laura

There has been a lot of change since I entered my 30’s.  After getting engaged, married, and then soon after getting pregnant, having a baby girl, I am now in a career transition.   It’s safe to say that my lifestyle, as well as my aesthetic inspirations have evolved.

After 10 years as a fashion merchant, my first love is still fashion, but now I am almost equally inspired by rounding out the story and getting the full lifestyle picture.  For me, it isn’t just about the pretty clothes anymore; I want to know where they are being worn, what the decor looks like, and what the latest trends are in motherhood and culture.

I have always lived for my daily doses of inspiration.  And after years of being inspired, often by a design team, I am now finding what is relevant to me and my life.  A Beautiful Hunt is my collection of what I find new, beautiful and lifestyle-inspiring.