Beautiful Lighting

I first saw these chandeliers at The Apartment by The Line – New York,  the meticulously designed and curated concept store in Soho.  I loved their organic, fluid shape and they lit the loft beautifully.  The delicateness of these handblown glass orbs combined with their size strikes the perfect balance, making them an undeniable statement piece.

The chandeliers are Czech glassmaker Lasvit’s Neverending Glory collection, designed by Jan Plechác and Henry Wielgus.  To better describe the iconic opera house chandelier inspiration behind their designs, Jan Plechác explained: “We wanted to create just a ghost of the original chandeliers, or just the soul, the shadow, the shine of the original ones. If you imagine the grand, original chandeliers in these opera houses, they’re glorious, and the ‘neverending’ part relates to the profiles and the idea of infinite rotation—a neverending glory.”

The problem is, how do you choose just one?



Photos via The Apartment by The Line

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