Christopher Kane for Nars

I love color and I have always loved makeup and it’s ability to transform and finish a look.  While currently, I have about enough time and energy for the same old blush and mascara each day (its the bare minimum I can get away with), I am pretty sure that I need the entire Christopher Kane for Nars collection.  It is the best seasonal color palette I have seen in a very long time – it screams summer and happiness!  And, no one does color pigments like Nars – he just gets them so right.  Lastly, the packaging alone is a reason to buy.  It is so good.

I am especially dying over the 1. ‘Parallel Universe’ Duo Eyeshadow, the 2. ‘Violet Atom’ Illuminating Multiple, and 3.’Glow Pink’ Lip Gloss.  Even though some of the colors look may very intense in their tube, they actually look incredible on and act almost like “neutrals”.  What’s not to love?


*All photos via Nars  and Refinery29


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