Everlane Mini

Before I had my daughter, I spent 10 years in apparel merchandising.  And it’s true: even a little retail gets into your blood.  I still love staying up-to-date on what is happening in the retail world and seeing how it is moving forward and evolving.  Or, not…  While the big brands continue to do business as usual, there are a handful of new, small, innovative brands making some noise in the business.  One of my favorites is Everlane.  It provides direct to consumer product online, cutting out middlemen and a lot of store overhead.  In return, you, the consumer, don’t necessarily get cheaper product, but product that is well-designed, made from better materials and made in quality factories.  You are getting MORE for your money.

Everlane isn’t new, but they just launched their Mini-Collection, which should have moms everywhere excited.  Now, you and your little one can both wear cool clothes without the sequins and tulle and terrible graphics that so many child brands have, sadly, turned to.  There are great basics to refresh your wardrobe, all in modern silhouettes.  It makes dressing uncomplicated.

Here are some of my favorites Everlane items for mom:


*All photos via Everlane

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