Mini Dressing

Little ones are always needing wardrobe updates; either the season changes or they outgrow their clothes – or both!  Luckily, today, there are amazing clothing options for kids, from high end to mass, that provide just as much style and creativity as adult clothing.  Here are some of my favorite special pieces for little girls right now: Baby Fall 2

  1. Dagmar Giselle Blouse from Sweet William 2. Tocoto Vintage Gauze Dress from Minikin 3. Treehouse Lega Legging from Minikin 4. H-Luv Hair Tie from Sweet William 5. Minna Parika Baby Bunny Shoes from Minna Papikka 6. Soft Gallery Kitty Dress from Minikin 7. Mini Dressing Fox Bag from Fawnshoppe 8. Fur Jacket from Zara 9. Embroidered Rabbit Sweatshirt from Zara 10. Yume Bunny from Acorn Shop 11. Nico Nico Georgia Shirt Dress from Fawnshoppe 12. Skinny Jeans from Zara 13. Tocoto Vintage Baby Onesie from Minikin 14. Bobo Choses Star Tights from Fawnshoppe 15.  Mini-Dressing Panda Socks from Fawnshoppe

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