Mr. Flower Headz

During our “babymoon” in Paris last Spring, I found these incredible vases in a store and promptly fell in love.  I have never seen anything like them before or since.  Too intimidated to inquire about the artist or cost, due to my very poor French, I quickly snapped a photo and left – without finding out the amazing creator of these beauties.

Thanks to some detective work and luck, I somehow recently came across Hugh Findletar, or as he is known on Instagram, Mr. Flower Headz, and realized he was behind those incredible vases I had seen.  It turns out that Mr. Flower Headz is actually a photographer and occasional florist, who collaborated with the Zanetti glassworks of Murano to create these human-inspired head vases.  His pieces are so stunning in-person and the way the flowers become the hair of the vase-person is beyond beautiful and allows for so much creativity and personality.  One of these vases would make an incredible statement piece in any home and be the perfect entry-way greeter.



*Top photo and bottom photo via @mr.flowerheadz



  1. 1

    These are amazing…! Googled, and nowhere do I see pricing or where-to-buy…did Mr. Flowerheadz share that info with you?? xo, L

    • 2

      So the store in Paris L’Eclaireur and this was their location in Saint Ouen near the flea markets. Their stores are pretty amazing.

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