Kids’ Teepees and Playtents

I became obsessed with buying our daughter a teepee for her playroom as soon as I found out we were pregnant.  A little cozy space of her own.  I would have absolutely LOVED one as a little girl.  They add so much character to a bedroom or playroom – dimension as well as whimsy.


All images via Pinterest

There are a million different routes to go, from choosing a neutral tent, to a pattern, or different shape of playhouse altogether.  In the end, I decided to go with this neutral tent, which was a good size and would work in any room.  I also wanted to be able to accessorize with these feathers and maybe one day we will decorate it with some of her artwork.  I also love these pom-poms, a dream catcher, and of course a flower garlands to top it all off.  And what is better than some fun lights for the holidays?  The possibilities are endless!

Here are some of my favorite teepee and tent choices:


From Left to Right: Image 1: Roberta Roller Rabbit Image 2: Pottery Barn Kids Image 3: Restoration Hardware Baby and Child Image 4: Pigmee Paris Image 5: Restoration Hardware Baby and Child Image 6: Wolfum Image 7: Nobodinoz Image 8: Hello Little Birdies Image 9: Land of Nod


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