Resolution: New Gym Clothes

After the holidays, it’s a given that everyone in the world will be implementing their “get-in-shape-now” plans and adding lengthy lines to gym treadmills across the country.  If you happen to be joining the masses, I’ll let you in on a little secret to help ensure your success: buy yourself some cute workout clothes.  This simple piece of advice is honestly the best motivation to jumpstart your health routine.  If you are excited about new, cool clothes, you will WANT to put them on and then once they are on, it only makes sense to work out.  Unless you are a mom, and then you just always wear spandex.

Fitness clothes have never looked better.  In fact, it is the most innovative category in apparel right now; new designs, fabrication, and wearable technology are propelling it forward.  There are tons of new, labels to try, but even the classic brands have upped their game, offering amazing assortments.  I am loving the new retailer SIX:02, which just recently launched online as well as brick-and-mortar stores.  They have a mix of the tried and true brands (Nike & Adidas) but also offer up-and-coming luxe options like Koral and Alala, pictured below.

Trust me, once you are excited about how you look, you will feel ten times more confident and way less awkward doing all of those crazy leg lifts in your barre class.

Here are some of my favorite new workout pieces thanks to SIX:02:




*Feature Image via Harpers Bazaar

*Images 1,2,4 via Six02

*Image 3 via Alala


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