Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome, the New York based vertical kids startup subscription business, may have launched with their first delivery in August, but it’s not too late to jump on this awesome bandwagon.  Rockets’ launch was a total success.  Both kids (girls and boys 2-14) and their parents seem to love not only the product, but the ease of trying clothes (cool clothes!) on in the comfort of their own homes – with very minimal time or energy spent on the parents’ part.  Happiness all around!

Parents – we all know how it goes; each change in season means that our little ones basically need a new wardrobe, as nothing fits.  What is perfect about Rockets of Awesome is that four times a year, based on your child’s personal preferences which you input at sign up, Rockets delivers a box of 12 pieces of clothing (mix and match outfits) to your doorstep.  You only pay for the pieces you keep and the rest, you ship back, free of charge.  Zero risk, all the fun!

Happy shopping!




All photos via Rockets of Awesome

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