Rylee + Cru

It isn’t difficult to find cute little girls clothing, but finding PRACTICAL cute clothes is another story. Luckily, I came across Rylee + Cru, a wonderful knit-based collection for girls and boys. This line satisfies so many criteria for dressing little kids. The coolest prints around? Most definitely. Beautiful graphics? Yep. Easy and modern silhouettes? Check. Most important: comfy and durable fabrics? Totally. And, it’s made in the U.S.A.

Rylee + Cru was founded by illustrator Kelli Murray, and just launched this past Holiday. Literally, it was sold out everywhere. Today, they finally dropped their Summer collection. It has the same amazing vibe as the Holiday assortment. The color palette is a concentrated collection of soft muted colors which allows for the beautiful prints and modern silhouette shapes to speak for themselves. It’s just the easiest assortment – nothing loud, too fancy or attention grabbing. And your kids can actually play and be comfortable at the same time – all while having on the cutest outfit at the park!

If you can, try to get your paws on some – it is selling out fast.  It is what you will want, and your little ones will be happy, to wear all summer long.



*All images from Rylee + Cru


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