Skin Deep

I wish I had perfect skin – the kind my friend has that doesn’t even require washing (truth!).  Unfortunately, I don’t.  Coupled with the fact that motherhood is not exactly kind (hormones! late nights! early mornings! stress! no more retinols!) and every day I only seem to be getting older, it was high time that I get serious about a new skincare regimen.  I also try to stay in the natural department, which greatly narrows the options for great skin products that truly work.

I was especially on the look out for a new face wash and moisturizer and randomly decided to stop by facialist-to-the-stars, Tracie Martyn’s, stand while at ABC Carpet & Home a few weeks ago.   The sales woman tried a few products on my hand and my skin immediately looked brighter and smoother.  I was sold.  Since then I’ve been hooked.  The Purifying Cleanser leaves my face clean, yet never tight (and smells so good!), the moisturizer seems to take away some redness.  The Enzyme Exfoliant, which has a cult following, leaves my skin so smooth and soft and a light glow.  I still haven’t given up on my Tata Harper moisturizer, but Tracie’s products now have a special place on my shelf and in my heart.

*photo via Vanity Fair by Peter Leuders

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