Spring Cleanse

Mansur Gavriel’s Fall 16 presentation was beyond gorgeous.  Of course the accessory “it-brand” knocked it out of the park with their new bag silhouettes and shoes, but what really won me over were the colors used throughout the staging of the presentation.


Against a base of bright white and camel, yellow mimosa bouquets, red, orange, and blush pink poppies, clementines, green bananas, and lemons created the most beautiful palette together.  Somehow, the Mansur Gavriel brightly colored suede and patent accessories only seemed to pop more intensely off of these “background” colors.

Although this was an autumn/winter presentation, it is like the most inspiring spring palette I’ve seen.  It’s like a big breath of fresh air.  And, as a yellow convert, I will, no doubt, be on the lookout for mimosas next time I am at the flower market.




Feature Image: superselected.com

Photo 1:  Fashionista.com via Mansur Gavriel Photo 2:  Lonelybeauties.com Photo 3: Honestlywtf.com Photo 4: Tommy Ton Photo 5Fashionista.com via Mansur Gavriel Photo 6: Honestlywtf.com




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