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I finally got to “the class” after weeks of trying to fit it into my (and my husband’s… and baby’s…) schedule.  I had seen articles in all of the fashion mags about this “class”, as it is simply known, and then began to follow Taryn Toomey, the class creator, on Instagram.  As a workout devotee, I am always interested in the latest and greatest fitness trends and with Naomi Watt’s and Taryn’s figures as billboards for the class, I knew I had to try this workout for myself.

I went in a bit blind – only knowing that this was a going to be a different type of exercise experience from my usual Equinox classes or barre workout.  It didn’t disappoint.  The class was an energy unlike any other workout class I had ever taken.  It was also the most unique workout I had ever had; Not only was it physically intense, but there was also a critical mental component to it.  At the end of the 65 minutes, I left, and met my husband, telling him how I had just done a workout and gone to a therapy session, as well.  Not bad for it only being 8:20 am.

Next time, I think I will get even more out of the class, as I’ll know the expectations.  When you get to the point where you are finally able to let your inhibitions go and get comfortable baring some strange facial expressions and noises with strangers – very attractive strangers at that – I can only image how liberating and meaningful a workout it will be.

Tarynwebsite-2   taryn3


*All photos via the class 

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