The Hospital Bag

Packing my bag for the birthing center seems like a never-ending process.  I’m packed, but I keep on running through each item over and over again in my head.  Do I have everything?  Am I sure?  Of course I’ll miss something, but here are the important items, plus a few tips.


*Pack in advance – around 37 weeks

*Have your partner download a contraction app weeks ahead.

*Plan what you are wearing TO the hospital.  You will not be feeling well enough to make many decisions at “go time”. Make sure you are happy with the bra and underwear, as you will be stripping down and possibly getting in water, depending on the labor.

*You may want to pack two bags:  for labor  and one for post labor.

*Have your partner pack a bag in advance too.  Button down shirts are a good idea for easy skin-to-skin contact.  And, shorts if they need to get into the hot tub/shower with you.

*Schedule your doula, a birthing photographer, and decide what you would like to do with the placenta/cord blood in advance.


Hospital Packing List


  1. Multiple copies of your birth plan
  2. Necessary hospital forms
  3. ID/Insurance card

For Labor:

  1. Zip lock bag – for the car ride to the hospital…just in case you get sick!
  2. An outfit for water laboring, if at birthing center
  3. IPod/Phone/IPad/Speakers – Plan playlist or meditation to listen to in advance
  4. Chargers
  5. Birthing ball/Tennis balls/Rollers – for labor pain
  6. Sports/Energizing drink/Water
  7. Snacks – quick, easy energy during labor and snacks for after (you AND your partner)
  8. Flexy straws – trust me, they will make things easier during labor.
  9. Your own pillow
  10. Grippy socks/slippers – for walking around your room

For Mom After Birth: 

  1. Robe – white is not a good idea, as it may get ruined
  2. Comfy pajamas – preferably that button down or are made for breastfeeding.
  3. Nursing bra
  4. Underwear (with coverage)/Socks
  5. Mom’s maternity “go home” clothes
  6. Flip flops – for the showers
  7. Towel – hospital towels can be small and rough
  8. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  9. Makeup
  10. Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner/wash/hairbrush/contacts/solution)
  11. Lip balm
  12. Hair ties

1) Gap Nursing Nightgown 2) Gap Robe, 3) Beautycounter 4) Promptly Journal 5) Poeme & Poesie  6) Birdling  7) Livly Clothing  8) The First Forty Days 9) Gaima Balance Ball 10) Beautycounter “Our Favorite” Set 11) My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow 12) Coveted Things 13) Noka Superfoods


For Baby:

  1. Baby’s “take home” outfit
  2. Swaddle – the hospital will provide, but you may want your own
  3. Warm blanket for baby
  4. Diaper cream/Protective cream – Beautycounter’s Protective Balm is great
  5. Car Seat

After Birth:

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Camera – with extra batteries
  3. Journal/Pen/Paper – write down info and birthing story
  4. Book/Magazine
  5. Nursing gel pads/Nipple cream
  6. A plastic bag – to take home dirty clothes

*The hospital will provide sanitary pads, disposable underwear, diapers, a swaddle, but if you want to bring your own or there is a certain brand you like, make sure to bring it.


Feature Picture: @livly_stockholm

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