The Look: Oversized Sweater and Skirt

The oversized sweater and skirt look has quickly become one of my favorites of the season.  The change in proportions feels so new and fresh.  I especially love the versatility this look offers.  It’s just as cool with sneakers as it is with boots or heels, meaning it can go casual to dressy in 0-60.  And, it isn’t restricted to any one style or length of skirt. Flowy, midi, or streamlined, they all work.  Comfortable, cozy, with an edge?  It’s exactly what I need to get me through this winter.

camille 2


fashion g 2

Here are a few that I love…

jcrew 2      rag-and-bone TRIANGLE-LONG-SWEATER-JET-COMBO-09_0

      J.Crew                                      Rag and Bone                                Emerson Fry

Feature image: via The Fashion Guitar

Image 1: Camille Over The Rainbow Image 2: Net-A-Porter Image 3. Pinterest Image 4. The Fashion Guitar

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