The Mom Uniform: Part 1

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After turning 30, getting married, getting pregnant, and becoming a mom, a big challenge for me has been figuring out what I am going to wear – or not wear.  It may sound silly or trite, but having worked in the apparel industry for over ten years and being confident in every outfit I wore, I suddenly felt like most of my closet no longer represented who I was.   It was a bit of an identity crisis.  Who was I?  I needed a fashion rebirth.

As a new(ish) mom who is trying to find her new path, I want to show a modern sense of style that can go from a meeting to the playground, all while being comfortable.  Practicality is now a must.  I’m a little older now and don’t want to dress like a 25 year old.  I also want to invest in fewer, higher quality pieces that will last for a few seasons.  It was time to find some new looks, flush out and streamline my closet, and focus on adding in some new essentials.

It turns out I love a little bit of a uniform.  I cycle in a few different looks with some variations on the pants, shoes, accessories, which makes the look feel new or transition it from day to night.  This focus gets me out the door faster and allows me to quickly layer or add on when I want.  These looks aren’t earth-shattering, but the honest truth is that they look good on just about anyone (that’s why they are photographed!) and fit in perfectly to fashion right now.  Looking put-together doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Look 1:


Photo: Fashiion-Gone-Rouge, Coat: Rag & Bone, Boot: No. 6, Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Scarf: J.Crew, Sweater: J.Crew, Sneaker: Common Projects, Pants: Nili Lotan

A major key to getting these looks down is basically cutting out prints (not include stripes…).  Prints are tricky.  Tricky to coordinate into a look, tricky to wear well, and, a little secret, it’s tricky for most retailers to even design!   If in question, it’s a probably not.  Leave your printed loves for days where you have more time to think about your look.

Look 2:


Photo: Lucy Williams, Hat: J.Crew, Sweater: Iro, Scarf: J.Crew, Boots: Acne, Bag: J.Crew, Coat: Woolrich Bros Literary Parka.

Also, cut down on the color.  Neutrals play best – but of course a pop is always fun.  Proportions are always key.  Cropped or ankle length pants are so flattering with flat shoe and always look good with a heel (more on that soon). I am a huge fan of all looks pared back with a sneaker.  It looks modern and leaves my feet so happy.  Take advantage of this beautiful time in fashion!

Look 3:


Photo: Pinterest, Sneaker: Adidas, Coat: J.Crew Stadium Coat, Sunglasses: Valentino, Hat: Steven Alan, Sweater: Nili Lotan, Pants: Nili Lotan



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