The Perfect Child and Parent Gift

What is cuter than having a similar (but not matchy-matchy) outfit as your little one? Giving one to your partner as a gift!  Here are two perfect options for moms and dads, who will love these gifts and and wear them with or without their little ones by their sides.

Rachelle Hruska MacPherson’s brand, Lingua Franca, was created one afternoon in Montauk, after taking a needle and thread to her cashmere sweater, hand-sewing some cool hip-hop lyrics.  Now, every fashionable New York woman can be found in these quirky cashmere sweaters. Just in time for the holidays, MacPherson is selling a few options for kids on Moda Operandi. How cute are they?


And as for Dad, I love this Pop and Tot sweatshirt from Tosan. I think the navy is equally as cute for little girls, as it is for boys. It also comes in a short-sleeved version. This is a sweatshirt any cool dad would be proud to wear.


And…you just killed two birds with one stone!  The perfect way to knock gifts off of your list.


Photos: via @RachelleHruska and @Tosan


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