Tie One On

Scarves are back in a big way – and I don’t mean the long scarves we’ve been endlessly wrapping around our necks for the past 10 years.  Bandanas or other handkerchief neck ties are the big street trend this season along with long, skinny ties.  Both feel incredibly new and are so easy to add into your dressing routine, instantly adding tons of style and refreshing your look.  There are a million different variations in tying your scarf, so the best part is, you really can’t get it wrong.  Here are some of my favorite looks: 


Feature:  Julien Boudet/BFA nyc.com from Zoereport.com

Top: 1) Yournextshoes.com 2) Gastrochic.com 3. This Is Glamorous 4. Man Repeller 5. Le21eme 6. Man Repeller 7. Le21eme

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