Vita Kin

While it may already be the middle of September, dress weather is just hitting its stride.  With gorgeous early fall days ahead for the next few weeks, this is the best time to be wearing Vita Kin’s amazing Ukranian-inspired dresses, which we saw this past spring and summer.

These stunners offer the perfect amount of coverage for a transitional weather look, while still keeping you cool in warm early fall temps.  The best part is that these traditional Vyshyvanka-influenced dresses can be styled a million different ways, making them totally fall-appropriate: with strappy sandal heels, tall suede boots, slouchy cashmere beanies, cool sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat, and now, a turtleneck (yes! they are BACK) underneath.  Everyone seems to look so effortlessly cool in these dresses.  Dressed up or down, they are too good to put away.


FullSizeRender (4)


*top photo via Matches Fashion

*bottom photos via @vyshyvanks_by_vitakin

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